Weeding is the gardening equivalent of dusting and vacuuming your home. Love it or hate it, weeding is something that has to be done if you want your garden to look good.

We'll keep your garden weed free

Fortunately, at Diamond Garden Care we love weeding - and rest assured that we know a weed when we see one, so we won't start pulling out all your favourite plants! We take great satisfaction in getting rid of unwelcome weeds and giving plants and shrubs the space to thrive.

The most effective weeding is done regularly, keeping on top of the weeds and preventing their spread through growth and seeding. If we're visiting your garden on a weekly or fortnightly basis it also means that we'll get to know how it looks as the seasons change, and we'll happily help with planting or even work with you to design a new look for your borders.

If you prefer to do most of the weeding yourself, you can always call us in to help out at key times eg a one-off visit in early Spring to work through all the borders and give you a decent head start for the summer months.

It all depends on how much you enjoy working in your garden, how much time you have to spare, and how big or small your garden is. Diamond Garden Care is on hand whenever you need us, every week or just occasionally.

Call Diamond Garden Care today - we'll pop round and give you a FREE no-obligation quote to keep your garden beautifully weed free.

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