Spring  (March, April, May)

    • Prune established roses.
    • Sow hardy annuals outdoors and half-hardy annuals in a heated propagator in the greenhouse or on a windowsill indoors.
    • Tidy and weed borders, mulch with compost or manure.
    • Lift and divide herbaceous perennials (but avoid doing this during frost).


    • Start mowing the lawn regularly and apply lawn weed and feed (raking out any dead moss after a few weeks).
    • Plant new roses, trees, shrubs and perennials.
    • Plant summer-flowering bulbs.
    • Feed specimen trees, roses, shrubs and hedging and established beds and borders with a general-purpose organic fertilizer.
    • Prick out half-hardy annual seedlings or pot them up as necessary.
    • Cut back lavender to shape, but avoid cutting into the old wood.


    • Prune spring-flowering shrubs after flowering.
    • Clip box hedges (avoiding full sun which can scorch the newly exposed foliage).
    • Plant out half-hardy annuals in containers and outdoor beds.
    • Plant out dahlias, bring out houseplants and plant any shrubs that are sensitive to the weather.
    • Take cuttings from new growth of shrubs and perennials to increase the quantity of plants in the garden.
    • Plant hanging baskets to add more colour.
    • Provide support for border perennials such as lupins, peonies, asters, penstemons and helianthus.