Summer  (June, July, August)

    • Trim and shape fast-growing hedges, making sure there are no birds nesting.
    • Plant out summer bedding.
    • Plant up hanging baskets and containers.
    • Install watering systems to ensure plants are well watered.
    • Prune spring-flowering shrubs once they’ve flowered and remove older wood to encourage new growth.
    • Liquid-feed lawns to improve condition.
    • Keep on top of weeding.
    • Apply weedkiller to driveways and graveled areas.
    • Treat decking and wooden garden furniture to prevent drying out.


    • Liquid-feed summer bedding and container plants.
    • Dead-head roses, bedding plants and flowering perennials.
    • Check for bugs and pests on foliage and treat accordingly.
    • Collect seeds of early-flowering plants and take cuttings of evergreens.
    • Cut lawns weekly, but don’t go too short if there’s little rainfall.
    • Aerate lawns and apply lawn sand.
    • Keep lawns well watered.
    • Keep ponds clear of weed.
    • Plant bulbs for autumn flowering.
    • Feed trees and shrubs.


    • Keep hedges trimmed in preparation for autumn.
    • Keep deadheading to maintain flowering.
    • Keep container plants well fed and watered.
    • Prune roses after flowering to encourage new growth.
    • Clip lavender after flowering to keep compact.
    • Take cuttings of tender perennials.